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11/14/2017 10:45 am

This post is my contribution to the 36th virtual symposium on 'What Are We Thankful For'. Please visit the Virtual Symposium Group’s #36 November Topic Link to read other contributions to the virtual symposium.

Christmas seems to be starting very early this year. Since early November shops are full of Christmas decorations and Christmas wares and television is full of Christmas adverts and Christmas films.

I’m not complaining about Christmas starting earlier because I love Christmas despite not being Christian. I love being off work for a good week; I love watching trashy movies; I love giving and receiving presents; I love eating a roast turkey dinner; and I love drinking lots of Champagne on Christmas day.

As Christmas has started early it’s only proper for me to issue my Christmas present list earlier than usual.

On my Christmas present list this year are a big roast turkey dinner, Marlboro Gold cigarettes, lots of fine wine, a watch, a suitcase, a parmesan cheese grater, a spitroast (I’m happy to go ether end!), a double penetration (as one of the two penetrators not the penetrated), and a Christmas sex party!

What Christmas present are you planning to get me this year?
What will be on your Christmas present list this year?

I still haven’t been around blogland much of late; work has been very busy and my head was in a bit of a funk! I’ll get round to my watched blogs over the next few days. I promise I will otherwise Santa Claus won’t pay me a visit this year!

spunkycumfun 57M/62F  
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11/14/2017 10:48 am

I hope I'm one of the first to wish you all a very Merry Xmas!


chopper6921 49M
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11/14/2017 10:58 am

Looks like an erotic bunch of sexual burning energy to me. Lick & touch let the fun begin.

redrockrascal 59M
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11/14/2017 11:16 am

What Christmas present are you planning to get me this year?
The best wishes I can possibly offer you.

What will be on your Christmas present list this year?
A sane, sexy woman who want as much sex as I do.

Welcome back spunk

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11/14/2017 11:21 am


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Apollorising2057 57M  
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11/14/2017 11:27 am

I am starting to prep and think about xmas!

effer2910 54M  
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11/14/2017 11:52 am

Merry Xmas !
A present for you

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wickedeasy 67F  
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11/14/2017 12:39 pm

i think i'm going to ignore Christmas this year...........

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sexysixties2 69F  
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11/14/2017 12:42 pm

I'll do the turkey dinner!!!

On my list....you know I can't really think of anything I want....a new handle here seeing as I shall no longer be in my Sixties.

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pocogato12 65F  
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11/14/2017 2:00 pm

Love your post!!! I can duplicate your list except for the cigarettes
I am hoping for a rare prime rub ( are you volunteering BTW?_
I'd love a case of Pinot Grigio from New Mexico
I'd like to find a family to wrap surprise gifts for- folks who don't have what I do

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veryfunnycple64 53M/54F  
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11/14/2017 2:43 pm

What Christmas present are you planning to get me this year?
Just a small gathering at my home....nothing extravagant!

What will be on your Christmas present list this year?
I hope to watch my GF get fucked by a "bull" and I, the cuckold, get to fluff and clean them up!

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sweet_VM 59F  
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11/14/2017 3:25 pm

Good to see you my friend... Xmas already.. mmmm what kind of gift for you ???????
Ok this would be my choice... On this oral fetish today.. all is good.. hugsss V

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Furbal1972 45M
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11/14/2017 7:41 pm

Ba humbug.

Maybe being a former christian fuels my distaste for the holiday. I've been trying to get over it for many years.

There is no "war on Christmas" after all. I've looked at the tactical numbers. Like most "wars", it would be futile.

So if you can't beat them, join them. My family has its holiday traditions, just like any other. Christmas is huge to some of them. I certainly don't want to bust anybody bubble.

I suppose that I should let you know this now. (My family already knows, and either understands that I'm poor, knows that it isn't a big deal, and/or lets me get away with it.) But I don't give presents. It's just not my thing. - Even freely given, they still seem to involve some sort of expectation.

So my present list is just one thing. Cash. - It will go where it's needed.

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kinkyfem73 44F  
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11/14/2017 8:58 pm

For your Christmas gift..... how does pic 7 sound?

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author51 54F  
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11/15/2017 12:39 am

Christmas Cums but once a year like the odd men I know....lol. actually more like myself to.I guess my wish list includes having my lover bring me to orgasm as I spread the Christmas JOY...lol.

I love giving more than receiving.My gist to you would be to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you the things on your list.. Nice to see you blog again....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

LisaLipgloss 51T  
5169 posts
11/15/2017 4:04 am

The point where people say Chirstmas is starting earlier every year always starts at the same time every year. It's officially when Christmas actually starts.

Expect people to be shocked that Cadburys creme eggs are prominently displayed at the checkouts in January, meaning Easter has started earlier than last year, when the eggs weren't at the checkouts until January.

Oh, I wish it could be Christmas everyday
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play
Oh, I wish it could be Christmas everyday
Let the bells ring out for Christmas

Walk this way.

1tongue4yall 58M
1688 posts
11/15/2017 4:35 am

so where do you find Christmas parties like that????

i don't know what Christmas will bring this year. it is going to be so different. i lost my wife in April, so this will be a first, alone at Christmas for the first time in 22 years...

pal334 63M  
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11/15/2017 5:07 am

What Christmas present are you planning to get me this year?
What will be on your Christmas present list this year? T shirts and socks again

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dbaley 65F
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11/16/2017 6:29 am

I hope you get what ever you what!

citizen4722 59M  
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11/17/2017 1:11 pm

I've been running a bit late here myself. I somehow managed to get two days behind with the blogs..ah well! That's life
I'd like that girl in the suitcase for Christmas.

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