I'm new here again  

wheresmycar828 51M
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11/14/2017 9:34 am
I'm new here again

Addiction? I don't know about that, but its hard to stay away. I missed reading the blogs and playing on cam. I'm still a standard member, so you will have to either respond to my blog or get me on IM. If I'm Sexbook- Free Adult Dating with FuckBook of Sex!, IM is usually open.

So tell me... One reason I left was because I spent too much time on here. What are your thoughts? Do you spend too much time online? Or just enough?

wheresmycar828 51M
18 posts
11/14/2017 9:35 am

I plan on spending just enough time on here.

HasteBeatsWaltz 60F  
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11/14/2017 3:07 pm

For me addiction. Not for sex. I get addicted to one thing for months or longer. Then something else with no more or every little time spent on my last addiction.

wheresmycar828 replies on 11/15/2017 9:17 am:
One addiction at a time? I get it. Or is it more of an obsession? I think I get obsessive.

CountessMeville 50F  
24538 posts
11/15/2017 3:02 am

Each time I have left, it has blog land that has called me back. I guess there are times when I have spent a lot of time online. At others there simply isn't as much time. Life is all about balance and I think I have that almost right

Welcome back! I do hope you will come visit my blog countessmeville and leave me a little message letting me know you did{=}

Come visit my blog countessmeville

wheresmycar828 replies on 11/15/2017 9:16 am:
I'll check you out (again!).

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